Monday, August 27, 2012

Aug. 27/2012 - One Week To Go

I love summer but I am looking forward to the school year starting again. New challenges to face and things to do. Mostly I will like it because I won't hear "I'm Bored" as much. I have been catching up on last year's school photos (there are 5 layouts for this - Crazy I know). Here is the first of 5

Created with last year's the "ELEMENTARY" collection pack (gotta love a collection pack)
I also use watercolours and my favourite staple - Scenic Route Worn Grid - wow running low on this one. I even used the overlays, not something I use regularly.  Thanks  for looking & Let me know what you think. :)  Kim

Sunday, July 29, 2012

JULY 29/2012 ~ Layouts to Share

I enjoyed a great page of the month class this past week and changed up the layout provided by BasicGrey (which did look great in real life). I had the  POTM club members challenge themselves to paint on their layouts. Nothing to radical to start just some simple distressing and lettering altering. Featuring the What's Up Collection here is DREAM.

I also have been playing around with some newer papers that have arrived in the store ~ All About Scrapbooks & More. Awesome & Fabulous by Simple Stories.  Great for teenagers.  I will have lots from these sets of papers. Here are the first of many, I'm sure.

 Let me know what you think & TFL

Sunday, July 15, 2012

JULY 15/2012 ~ Mary's Lake Watercolour

I wish I had more time while I was on vacation to paint, but I was able to sit down one evening and play for a bit.  I am trying to regain some of my techniques. We visited a gallery today - John Murden and his wet on wet watercolours (not to mention his other art) truly inspired me. Let me know what you think of this wet on wet creation. TFL

JULY 15/2012 ~ Summer So Far....

I have admitedly been missing in action on my blog lately. June just flew by and July is half over. We have spent a great week at Muskoka Bible Center "camping" in a retro trailer, in beautiful weather. Lots of photos to share and a watercolour too. I am only sharing a few instagram photos with you 'cause I want to save the rest for layouts. Those I will share at a later date. So here it goes - Summer So Far....
July 1st - Happy Canada Day, Ed had to work today so it was was just the kids & me. Freezees anyone?
July 5th - My scrap office shadow - He follows me everywhere and climbs on my paper.
July 7th - ARGGGG it is a pirate's life for me. Kyle heading off to sail on the tall ships in lake Ontario for 2 weeks. I hope he takes loads of photos.

July 7th - Packed to the gills and ready for camping. Rachel & Brianna crammed in the van with row boat in tow.
July 8th - Our Retro trailer on the hill, in the trees at Muskoka Bible Center
 July 9th - Fire's Burning, Fire's Burning. Draw nearer, draw nearer. In the glowing, in the glowing. Come sing and be merry
 July 10th - Santa's Summer Sleigh doing donuts in the Muskoka River.

July 11th - You Gotta Eat Here Stop #1 - The Little Place by the Lights, Huntsville  & River Riding in Port Sydney and check out that crazy hair!
 July 12th - Sailing Sailing into Huntsville we go, for a picnic and ice cream, boating is a dream. Lift locks, big bugs and lots of speedy boats, oh don't you wish that you could ride anything else that floats...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

MAY 9/2012 ~ Watercolour Journal Update

Yay my computer is back.  This means I can share with you the cover of my watercolour art journal and some finished pieces. I love the idea of layered pieces of old books and maps to create a background. I like it even better when it is done for me.  I found a piece of Basic Grey "Out of Print" Collection paper in my stash and painted the front piece with coordinating colours.

It is a very soft effect on the cover and they appear to merge together as one piece.
I was not happy with my last piece that I shared but here are the finished pieces that came after "Fire Blaze".
I have fallen in love with the styles of Lori Vliegen ( & Karen ( and I have tried to emulate their styles in my own watercolours and I am finding it wonderful.
Our town is full of crabapple trees and cherry trees ~ all in Bloom and that is my inspiration here.

Nope not a spelling mistake. I love what that spelling means to me. I created this page on a very grey day here in Woodstock, but inside my soul was shining.

Notice that there are no petals pulled on these daisies?  I thought about pulling out a couple but I changed my mind. My God loves my whole being so He wouldn't pull out any petals either.

I have an internal playlist that repeats itself all the time. On Sunday this was the song floating through my head, in fact it is the only song I have been singing inwardly and outwardly this week. This was interesting just playing with text and lettering.
Ok last one for today....

Again based on one of my favourite songs that our choir sings in church. But I think it can reflect our lives and it most certainly reflects mine.

Thanks for looking at this super long blog entry, but I feel better now that I am all up to date with what I have completed.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

APR. 26/2012 ~ Fireblaze in Bud

What to create or paint on a grey day. The view from my office window. A large spruce tree and my Fire Blaze Maple in bud. Tiny little leaves that look like little red & rust hearts all over.
On second look at this watercolour, I might have bitten off more than I could chew today. I think I will keep the next few a little more graphic, as I am very out of practice freehanding what I see. TFL

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

APR. 25/2012 ~ New Project Idea

Some of you know that I went to a fine arts high school in Windsor ON. Can - Windsor Center for Creative Arts / Walkerville Collegaite Institute - GO TARTANS! I loved all my classes in Voice, Brass ensemble, Trumpet & Visual arts and all the other needed classes. One of my favourite classes was art. I love doing watercolours. I get to do a little watercolour here & there but I don't take the time to do a lot of it. That is going to change today. I am putting my own little watercolour journal. I made a colour chart of the watercolour pencils & crayons that I have (not my tubes of paint). Tomorrow I am going to make a collage journal cover with a painting. I'll show that to when it is done.
Here is my first page - an good reminder for all of us creative, crafty people.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

APR. 15/2012 ~ A Couple of Friendly Cards

We just received some fun new Jillibean Soup papers in the store and I could not resist using them to make a couple of quick Thank You cards for some friends.

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

APR. 7/2012 ~ The Same Love - Paul Baloche

The same God that spread the heavens wide
The same God that was crucified
Is calling us all by name
You are calling us all by name

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

MAR. 14/2012 Photo a Day Challenge ~ "Clouds"

Clouds? What clouds?
Today is a beautiful day and there is not a cloud in the sky this afternoon. I should have grabbed a photo this morning. BUT we have had such a cloudy, grey winter that I am so glad that there is no clouds in the sky. Beautiful sunshine, warm breeze and spring is almost here. It makes me want to sing.  :)

MAR. 14/2012 ~ Spring Robin Wall Hanging

I have to admit I have a pinteresting problem...
So many inspiring photos, quotes, recipes & crafty things. I want to make them all.
Today I decided to do just that - make something.
Not for the store, not as a class & not a card or scrapbook page.
A wall hanging... A Spring wall hanging with an inspirational touch, for my friend.
A woman who is always an encouraging, prayer warrior & someone who has recently lost her Mom.
I scanned through PINTEREST as I spoke on the phone to another favourite crafty person & just about jumped out of my chair when I saw this canvas or plaque, with a bird sillouette & a quote cut out of sheet music, ``It is Well with my Soul``.
While still on the phone I dug out my favourite bird paper (by K & Company) & a canvas. I painted the edges & looked at the paper. Do I just mount it or do something else????
Something else FOR SURE!
I rushed to Lens Mills looking for moss or shredded wood & little robin's eggs. I came home &  broke
out the Xacto knife. I glued & layered, layered & glued & this is what came to be...
I think I have to go & purchase more of this paper so I can make more of these. TFL

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

MAR. 13/2012 Photo a Day Challenge ~ "Sign"

Hey look what is peeking out of my garden. My one little bunch of crocus is popping up from under the dead leaves & ivy. Surely this is a SIGN of Spring if ever I have seen one.

Monday, March 12, 2012

MAR. 12/2012 Photo a Day Challenge - Days 9 - 12

Yup, See bad blogger. I can't seem to keep up with things like this. I have 4 photos to share with you today. Photo Challenge days  9, 10, 11 & 12

March 9th - Prompt is RED.
I bet no one who knows me can guess what "red" item I chose to photograph. My almost constent companion, a cup or can of COKE. Not pepsi, not "cola", not diet, but real, red canned COKE. It is my vice, my nemesis and I need to say goodbye to it. But not today. Today it will be enjoyed over ice & a homemade hamburger. YUM!
 March 10th - Prompt is "LOUD"
How many of you have a Euphonium Player in your house? I have both a Euph player & a horn player (she's pretty awseome too). Today he got out his instrument & played for me. When he plays it is beautiful, but when he plays around it is just plan LOUD.
 March 11th - Prompt is "Someone you talked to today"
I kinda hid from the world today. I hate it when I feel like my head will explode (or implode - not sure which is worse). I really did not speak to anyone, except my Hubby Ed. He has the ablility to lift my spirits, even when I am in such pain. Love you honey.
 March 12th - Prompt is "Fork"
What could be a better word than Fork for the first day of Culinary Camp for my DS. Italian American was the menu. He tried sardines & anchovies (YUCKO!). He did not like them to much. He made some mouth watering (sorry to be politically incorrect) veal parmesian. Great job super chef!

Friday, March 9, 2012

MAR. 9/2012 Take Time

I created a card today for my husband to give to an Officer (pastor) friend of ours. A get well card. I usually am not so hot about making cards (I would rather make a double page) but I was so proud of this one I did not want to give it away. I really hope he feels better and the card lets him know that we are thinking and praying for his recovery.

Here it is "Take Time" I pulled some newer Graphic 45 ~ ABC Primer Collection & some bits & pieces of other Grapic 45 papers, Core'dination's Kraft Core (Black & Red), Basic Grey Oxford Letters, and some embellishments. TFL (Barb - this one's for you :) )

MAR. 8/2012 Photo A Day Challenge ~ "WINDOW"

"Cricket, CRICKET Get your claws out of me. Come on I just want one photo PLEASE..."

That is pretty much how my afternoon went trying to recreate a favourite photo of mine for the photo a day challenge. She was challenging to say the least.
Anyhow I decided to share the original photo instead (to save my skin)
She usually loves to sit on the back of the sofa and stare out the window, so no clue as to why she wouldn't yesterday. I love how the light is reflected in her eyes and she has a dreamy look on her face. TFL

Thursday, March 8, 2012

MAR. 7/2012 Photo a Day Challenge "WORN DAILY"

Today's assignment was to take a photo of  "Something you wore" I decided to take a photo of my wedding rings because I wear them everyday. I can be dressed to the nines, or wearing my yoga pants & his old t-shirt, or sitting around in my jimjams - looking pretty bad and he thinks I am beautiful. My rings remind my daily that I am loved and I think that is wonderful.
P.S. I have been wearing them for 20 years & 16 years respectively.
A pretty long time these days to be loved by one great guy.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

MAR. 6/2012 Photo a Day Challenge "5PM"

What were you doing at 5pm?
That's today's photo prompt is "5pm".
Tuesdays are terrific, beginning at 5pm. We gather down at the corps for supper together & then all the children & youth music groups begin. It is a great time of fellowship. Tonight we had Turkey Shepard's Pie, Coleslaw & fresh bread with fruit & ice cream for dessert. I love being able to chat with friends about their week & seeing the children in a different way - more relaxed & themselves. You learn a lot over the supper table. Terrific Tuesday's has fostered a sense of community & is building a closer church family.
I think I will share 2 photos for this one.


Monday, March 5, 2012

MAR. 5/2012 Photo a Day Challenge "SMILE"

March Photo a Day - "SMILE"
Who's smile do I pick????? My hubby's - I always love his smile but he was feeling under the weather. My DD's - Nope not having it today! My own perhaps...NAH you don't want to see that. Who will always give me a smile when I ask? DS, he will! Even if it is dull and grey outside (or inside) he will always find a moment to smile or laugh at you or himself. Mind you getting his attention away from the PSP is harder than it looks.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

MAR. 4/2012 Photo a Day Challenge - "BEDSIDE"

My bedside... REALLY. You want a pic of my nightstand (ok some tiding might have to happen). My poor bedside table gets the worst of it. My books, my magazines, my photos & my every present glass of pop or milk. It also holds childhood memories, gifts of jewerly & piles of this & that. So I tidied it up for up but I left the most important things to me. You can see my wedding photo (kids photos are on the wall), a glass of milk (WITH ICE), a scrapbook magazine & notebook for ideas, my jewerly box - given to me by a cherished music instructor & a little brown bear - made for me by my Mom when I was very little.
The books are my current reading - "Grace for the Good Girl", "Crazy Love" & a new paraphased New Testament given to me by my sister. On the wall behind the lamp are 2 watercolour paintings of Bermuda - my most memoriable holiday. Thanks for looking & being a bedside peeper. :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

MAR. 3/2010 Photo Challenge - "Within Walking Distance"

So how do you take 1 photo of your neighbourhood? I couldn't. I live in an older neighbourhood within the Friendly City -Woodstock ON. CAN. Just a walk from downtown. My nieghbourhood is decorated with large, shady trees, parks & century old homes (some older than this). Downtown is a mere 3 blocks away & there we find, art, theatre, history, education, shopping & so much more. My children go to school there. We love to walk up & down the main drag & enjoy a hot chocolate there. We attend movies, plays, baseball games, borrow books & remember our fallen soldiers there. Our downtown has some work to do but slowly it will get there. Thank you Woodstock ON for being my adopted hometown of 15 years - the longest I have ever lived in one place.

Friday, March 2, 2012

MAR. 2/2012 Photo Challenge

Wow I am such a bad blogger - My last post was in October. Where does the time go? It flies... FAST.
I have recently decided to participate in a daily photo challenge, which I hope will lead to a modified "Project Life" album and some fun 12x12 layouts. I saw that a couple of my scrappy friends, Vicki Boutin & Nic Howard were playing along and just decided to join in. This photo challenge can be found HERE. I think the routine of taking the photos, editing & journaling about them will be a good thing for me. My routine needs a boost. Here is the list of Prompts to interpret however you like and my first 2 photos.

March 1/2012 ~ The beauty of the bare trees in my backyard   "UP"

March2/2012 ~ My silly sweetheart of a Daughter. "FRUIT"
If you want to play along... don't forget to post your photos on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PINTEREST, INSTAGRAM,  Your BLOG & anywhere else you might like to share.
Have fun taking photos & being creative. 

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