Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jan. 27, 2013 ~ Just a Note

I am such a bad blogger.  I have had so much going on at Church and the Store this fall that I have not kept this Blog up-to-date at all. Hopefully starting fresh will make me a little more interested in writing and sharing here.
Here is a little update:

September - Terrific Tuesdays begin and I am the cooking queen
                  - Kids are back to school - Rach in Gr. 10 & Kyle At 2 high schools and Lampton College
                  - Dana has to decide to close or sell the store.  What are we gonna do?
                  - Corps retreat. What A beautiful weekend.
                  - WE BUY THE STORE. What have we done?

October - We reopen the store under the Old/NEW name.
                (We dropped the "& more" except for signage.)
              - Still cooking for Terrific Tuesdays and now doing Home League and 55+
              - New Product comes in and customers begin to return.

November - Classes in full swing, things are going well at the store
                  - still cooking and conducting Singing Company, home league & 55+

December - Wondering if I can keep up this pace, Christmas programs done and done
                 - IS SOOOOOO Looking forward to Christmas break

January - Back at it, quiet at the store over January ~ has me a little worried.
             - SPRING FEVER CROP announced.

That's it in a nut shell - I am a bit stressed but in a good way. 

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