Saturday, March 3, 2012

MAR. 3/2010 Photo Challenge - "Within Walking Distance"

So how do you take 1 photo of your neighbourhood? I couldn't. I live in an older neighbourhood within the Friendly City -Woodstock ON. CAN. Just a walk from downtown. My nieghbourhood is decorated with large, shady trees, parks & century old homes (some older than this). Downtown is a mere 3 blocks away & there we find, art, theatre, history, education, shopping & so much more. My children go to school there. We love to walk up & down the main drag & enjoy a hot chocolate there. We attend movies, plays, baseball games, borrow books & remember our fallen soldiers there. Our downtown has some work to do but slowly it will get there. Thank you Woodstock ON for being my adopted hometown of 15 years - the longest I have ever lived in one place.



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