Sunday, July 15, 2012

JULY 15/2012 ~ Summer So Far....

I have admitedly been missing in action on my blog lately. June just flew by and July is half over. We have spent a great week at Muskoka Bible Center "camping" in a retro trailer, in beautiful weather. Lots of photos to share and a watercolour too. I am only sharing a few instagram photos with you 'cause I want to save the rest for layouts. Those I will share at a later date. So here it goes - Summer So Far....
July 1st - Happy Canada Day, Ed had to work today so it was was just the kids & me. Freezees anyone?
July 5th - My scrap office shadow - He follows me everywhere and climbs on my paper.
July 7th - ARGGGG it is a pirate's life for me. Kyle heading off to sail on the tall ships in lake Ontario for 2 weeks. I hope he takes loads of photos.

July 7th - Packed to the gills and ready for camping. Rachel & Brianna crammed in the van with row boat in tow.
July 8th - Our Retro trailer on the hill, in the trees at Muskoka Bible Center
 July 9th - Fire's Burning, Fire's Burning. Draw nearer, draw nearer. In the glowing, in the glowing. Come sing and be merry
 July 10th - Santa's Summer Sleigh doing donuts in the Muskoka River.

July 11th - You Gotta Eat Here Stop #1 - The Little Place by the Lights, Huntsville  & River Riding in Port Sydney and check out that crazy hair!
 July 12th - Sailing Sailing into Huntsville we go, for a picnic and ice cream, boating is a dream. Lift locks, big bugs and lots of speedy boats, oh don't you wish that you could ride anything else that floats...



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