Wednesday, April 25, 2012

APR. 25/2012 ~ New Project Idea

Some of you know that I went to a fine arts high school in Windsor ON. Can - Windsor Center for Creative Arts / Walkerville Collegaite Institute - GO TARTANS! I loved all my classes in Voice, Brass ensemble, Trumpet & Visual arts and all the other needed classes. One of my favourite classes was art. I love doing watercolours. I get to do a little watercolour here & there but I don't take the time to do a lot of it. That is going to change today. I am putting my own little watercolour journal. I made a colour chart of the watercolour pencils & crayons that I have (not my tubes of paint). Tomorrow I am going to make a collage journal cover with a painting. I'll show that to when it is done.
Here is my first page - an good reminder for all of us creative, crafty people.



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