Monday, March 12, 2012

MAR. 12/2012 Photo a Day Challenge - Days 9 - 12

Yup, See bad blogger. I can't seem to keep up with things like this. I have 4 photos to share with you today. Photo Challenge days  9, 10, 11 & 12

March 9th - Prompt is RED.
I bet no one who knows me can guess what "red" item I chose to photograph. My almost constent companion, a cup or can of COKE. Not pepsi, not "cola", not diet, but real, red canned COKE. It is my vice, my nemesis and I need to say goodbye to it. But not today. Today it will be enjoyed over ice & a homemade hamburger. YUM!
 March 10th - Prompt is "LOUD"
How many of you have a Euphonium Player in your house? I have both a Euph player & a horn player (she's pretty awseome too). Today he got out his instrument & played for me. When he plays it is beautiful, but when he plays around it is just plan LOUD.
 March 11th - Prompt is "Someone you talked to today"
I kinda hid from the world today. I hate it when I feel like my head will explode (or implode - not sure which is worse). I really did not speak to anyone, except my Hubby Ed. He has the ablility to lift my spirits, even when I am in such pain. Love you honey.
 March 12th - Prompt is "Fork"
What could be a better word than Fork for the first day of Culinary Camp for my DS. Italian American was the menu. He tried sardines & anchovies (YUCKO!). He did not like them to much. He made some mouth watering (sorry to be politically incorrect) veal parmesian. Great job super chef!



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