Wednesday, May 9, 2012

MAY 9/2012 ~ Watercolour Journal Update

Yay my computer is back.  This means I can share with you the cover of my watercolour art journal and some finished pieces. I love the idea of layered pieces of old books and maps to create a background. I like it even better when it is done for me.  I found a piece of Basic Grey "Out of Print" Collection paper in my stash and painted the front piece with coordinating colours.

It is a very soft effect on the cover and they appear to merge together as one piece.
I was not happy with my last piece that I shared but here are the finished pieces that came after "Fire Blaze".
I have fallen in love with the styles of Lori Vliegen ( & Karen ( and I have tried to emulate their styles in my own watercolours and I am finding it wonderful.
Our town is full of crabapple trees and cherry trees ~ all in Bloom and that is my inspiration here.

Nope not a spelling mistake. I love what that spelling means to me. I created this page on a very grey day here in Woodstock, but inside my soul was shining.

Notice that there are no petals pulled on these daisies?  I thought about pulling out a couple but I changed my mind. My God loves my whole being so He wouldn't pull out any petals either.

I have an internal playlist that repeats itself all the time. On Sunday this was the song floating through my head, in fact it is the only song I have been singing inwardly and outwardly this week. This was interesting just playing with text and lettering.
Ok last one for today....

Again based on one of my favourite songs that our choir sings in church. But I think it can reflect our lives and it most certainly reflects mine.

Thanks for looking at this super long blog entry, but I feel better now that I am all up to date with what I have completed.



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