Sunday, March 4, 2012

MAR. 4/2012 Photo a Day Challenge - "BEDSIDE"

My bedside... REALLY. You want a pic of my nightstand (ok some tiding might have to happen). My poor bedside table gets the worst of it. My books, my magazines, my photos & my every present glass of pop or milk. It also holds childhood memories, gifts of jewerly & piles of this & that. So I tidied it up for up but I left the most important things to me. You can see my wedding photo (kids photos are on the wall), a glass of milk (WITH ICE), a scrapbook magazine & notebook for ideas, my jewerly box - given to me by a cherished music instructor & a little brown bear - made for me by my Mom when I was very little.
The books are my current reading - "Grace for the Good Girl", "Crazy Love" & a new paraphased New Testament given to me by my sister. On the wall behind the lamp are 2 watercolour paintings of Bermuda - my most memoriable holiday. Thanks for looking & being a bedside peeper. :)



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