Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's a Test of Faith

I arrived at work on Friday morning only to get a call from my mom. My Dad was leaving for Haiti on Saturday and could we bring...  After getting off the phone and bursting into tears out of sheer worry, I pulled myself together and got to work, both at the store and taking and making calls on His behalf. We travelled to Toronto, where we helped to purchase needed items, pack as much as we could and support Mom in the process. My Father is the Territorial Emergency Disaster Services Director for The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda.

We are so blessed to be members of the Salvation Army and be able to go where God calls us ~ as hard as that may be.  We are concerned for the safety of those heading into the country to help out. We know that even though we have human fears and reservations that we are all in His hands and that he will take care of His children ~ whatever that might be.
The Salvation Army has been a Spiritual and helping presence in Haiti for 60+ years and serves many of the people which live in the most impoverish areas of this country.
We are asking all of our friends, family and those we come in contact with to donate whatever they can to The Salvation Army Haiti Earthquake Disaster Relief Fund.

Yesterday I gave my Donation...

Won't you now find it in your heart to give yours.
Thank you and Keep on Praying for all those effected and working in Haiti.

Kimberly & Family

I will continue to post updates as I recieve them.


Anonymous said...

What a brave and wonderful man going to a place that has suffered much devastation to help the best he can. You must proud. I will pray that our Lord keeps him safe and gives him the strength to accomplish all that he can.


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