Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Haunted Hunt

November is here and I am a year older...sigh...
We had great fun this weekend.
Cropping with Mel on Friday night.
Surprise surgery on the van on Saturday morning with Tom.
Speedy Creepy decorating on Saturday evening with the Kids.
Shelling out Saturday evening to not a lot of creatures.
Church Sunday morning and finally rest on Sunday afternoon.

Our new neighbours moved in last weekend and their son promptly came down with the flu - the really nasty kind. He made enough of a recovery to head out for a short time on Saturday night. They came by for some extra special treat bags, made by my husband and the kids ~ tags made by me. Welcome to the neighbourhood Grime Reaper Matt and Tinker Bell Ema!

Here is a close up of the little tags I made for their treat bags. I used the Cricut machine with the Paper Dolls Cartridge and a load of scrap paper pieces.  Hope you like them & let me know what you think. Kim



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